Dejavu Magazine - Pakistan's 1st Photography E-Magazine

Syed Uzair

Executive Editor

I am a doctor by profession. At Deja Vu Magazine I write articles, book reviews, conduct interviews and collect content from our correspondents. I am a photography enthusiast who believes in giving back to the community. I see this magazine as a creative challenge and a platform for uniting photographers of Pakistan.

Syed Abid

Art Director/Ad Sales Manager

I am an engineer and a photographer. At Deja Vu Magazine, I am responsible for organization of the art work and the design of the magazine. I set the advertising strategy for the publication. The whole idea of this magazine is to promote and educate people about the art of photography in Pakistan.


Stephanie Johnson

Managing Editor

I’m responsible for proofing and editing articles, copy, and content prior to publication. I am a professional photographer, who also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and who is passionate about building meaningful photographic communities that encourage artists to grow in their creative endeavors.


Waqas Ahmed

Islamabad Correspondent

I am a software engineer and hobbyist landscape and wildlife photographer.I love taking photos of extraordinary people in the ordinary world. Being a part of this magazine I want to explore new places and meet talented photogrphers. My main goal is to attract tourists through my photos and portray a picture of safe and beautiful Pakistan.

Amna Baloch

Karachi Correspondent

I am Filmmaker, photographer and a photojournalist. I am a student of Media Sciences. I capture photographs which depict a story. My work is about the struggle of an artist from Pakistan. At Deja Vu Magazine, I cover different events and exhibitions and write articles.